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Vacuum brazing furnace
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There are two types of brazing furnaces, vacuum and non-vacuum. We mainly explain the vacuum brazing furnace here. It is helpful to understand the principle and understanding of its use and precautions. Let us introduce the principle of the vacuum fiber welding furnace.
Vacuum furnace brazing quality is high. The conventional process is to clean the decontaminated workpiece by soldering the soldering place with solder (powder, granule, sheet) and put another part that needs to be soldered (the soldering surface is also coated with flux). After the two parts are fixed and placed in the furnace and heated to the temperature at which the solder melts, the welding is completed. It is to raise the temperature of the workpiece by the temperature of the furnace, and melt the solder whose melting temperature is lower than that of the workpiece, so that the workpiece is welded. It is of utmost importance that this process has high output, good quality and small deformation of the workpiece. It is suitable for mass production.
The above is the introduction of the vacuum brazing furnace principle / process, please continue to browse this website for more content. Welcome attention.